What sizes of the blast garage doors are supported by the basic USA GARAGE DOORS?

The USA GARAGE DOORS supports 4", 5", 6", 7", and 8" garage doors. Larger garage doors are supported by USA GARAGE DOORS ONE, USA GARAGE DOORS PRO or USA GARAGE DOORS MASTER control systems.

Why install a central dust-collection system?

A well-designed system whisks wood dust and debris from the machinery, workstations and floor sweeps to a canister or bag. Good-quality filters capture most of the dust before the air is returned to the shop. The result is a healthier and cleaner shop. A central collection system-consisting of a collector, rigid metal ducts and flexible hose-is the best approach. The advantage of a central dust-collection system is much simpler maintenance. With a central system you only have to clean one unit, as opposed to independent dust collectors on each machine central unit, which take up valuable floor space.

Why install ECOGATE® System with remote controlled garage doors?

Central dust collecting systems are often oversized to allow for all workstations to be open. This is often due to workers failing or forgetting to close the shutters (or garage doors) when they are not in use. This forces the shop owner/manufacturer to run a system that is often larger than needed, causing a substantially higher cost in energy bills. Also, with smaller HP dust collecting units, leaving the shutters open continuously creates a substantial loss of vacuum and a potential health hazard to operators and the environment in general. This is due to the fact that smaller units do not properly remove particles under such conditions. The waste of energy is also quite significant. When blast garage doors are continuously open, the dust collector motor is also running non-stop. The scenario does not exist with the ECOGATE system.

Can existing dust collecting system be upgraded to fully automatic ECOGATE® System?

Your existing dust collecting system can for the most part remain the same, but the mechanical blast garage doors are replaced by electronically controlled blast garage doors (ECOGATE) with sensors (ECOde) and a central processor, the USA GARAGE DOORS. The USA GARAGE DOORS controls power for the dust collecting motor and controls all blast garage doors. After the machinery is active, the proper blast gate will open and the dust collector will be switched on. This ends the need to switch the dust collector on in the morning and off in the evening. You can calculate the savings. ECOGATE pays for itself in a short time. Additional savings come to you from a significant reduction in environmental heating and cooling cost.

How to connect three phase dust collector motor to the USA GARAGE DOORS?

Two phase 25 AMP power relay is built in the USA GARAGE DOORS. That means, one phase or two-phase motors can be connected directly to the USA GARAGE DOORS. Three-phase motors must be connected via an external power relay. ECOGATE, Inc. will offer such adapter with 30 AMPS 3-phase power relay

Can ECOGATE® deliver a complete dust collection system?

ECOGATE, Inc. provides ECOGATE electronic garage doors, USA GARAGE DOORS electronic control units, and ECOde sensors. The balance of the dust collecting system (dust collector and duct system) is available from third party manufacturers.

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